• How to use Apache log4net in .NET

    The Apache log4net is a library to output log messages to a variety of targets. It's really easy to use and I'm going to explain how you get started. log4net is part of the Apache logging...

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  • Scheduled backup of MySQL databases in Windows

    For different reason I'm using MySQL as database. The one thing that i needed was a backup function. My prerequisities was that it needed to be scheduled and that the backup file should be copied to a remote location. I didn't want to install any third-part...

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  • Starting up EPiServer CMS faster after build

    At work we have a large EPiServer project, actually, several project branches that would take really long time to start up after each build. We are talking about up til 5 minutes. First we thought that it was PageTypeBuilder that was the problem...

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  • Hello world

    This started out as an idea about trying out HTML5, CSS3 and MVC3, stuff i don't get the chance to work with on a daily basis. I make a living as a web-developer, mainly EPiServer CMS. First I wanted to make this site in EPiServer but their license model is...

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